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The elm tree was considered to be an ideal street because it was graceful, long-lived and fast growing and tolerant of compacted soils and air pollution. Elm tree are so well suited to urban environments. Some of the diseases that affect or attack the elm tree are leaf spot diseases, which usually cause dark spots on the leaves, and elf leaf beetles, which eat holes in the leaves. Others are elm yellows and bacterial leaf scorch. The worst of the elm tree diseases is the Dutch elm tree disease. It is the most difficult to control and treat of all elm tree diseases. It can be easily confused for elm yellows as well as bacterial leaf scorch. The elm bark beetles carry the fungus that causes Dutch elm disease.


The symptoms of an affected elm tree include wilting of leaves as thy progress to turn yellow and brown. Infection by fungus results in clogging of the water conducting system of the tree which In turn prevents water movement leading to the tree wilting and eventually dying. There can also be dark streaks of discoloration of the branches and stem. Elm tree diseases have been there for a long time. In as much as some of them are treatable, others such as the Dutch elm disease which can be fatal to your elm trees. Preventing your trees from such diseases can save you a lot of trouble as well as money. Once in while you, can invite an arborist to come and inspect your trees as well as the environment. Here are some of the ways to treat elm tree diseases.


Every disease is treated according to what causes it. The Dutch elm disease can only be managed and here are some of the ways how. Make sure you have good sanitation because this will definitely reduce insect vectors that carry the fungus that cause elm tree diseases. When you have noted that there some insect that are infesting your tree you can use approved insecticides to reduce the chances of having your trees infected. You can inject your elms with fungicides which will help in killing the fungus that carry elm tree diseases. Since the trees have extremely long roots you can cut the roots of infected trees just to make sure that they do not reach and infect the healthy trees around.

Tips and comments

It is good to ensure that your elm trees are in a clean environment to avoid bacteria and fungi from infecting them causing elm tree diseases. Having your trees checked on a regular basis can really help especially if you see any signs of elm tree diseases. If you notice that your tree has been infested by the elm bark beetle star to manage the tree before it becomes a really big a serious problem. If you notice the elm tree disease early enough you can save your tree by pruning the infected part before it spreads further and infects the whole tree and those that are around.

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