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About Leprechaunism And Treatment


Leprechaunism is genetic disorder which is usually associated with insulin resistance leading to delay in growth and other abnormalities in the body. Since leprechaunism is a genetic disease, it has become very difficult to come up with the best treatment of this disease since it varies from one patient to another. It is very important for anyone to know about leprechaunism and it s treatment so that it can be easy to deal with this disease. Although leprechaunism does not kill, it is still a life-threatening disease, and many people with this leprechaunism are isolated by their friends and relatives.


Impotence is one of the leprechaunism diseases. In this condition, a man is not able to produce the sperm which are responsible for a pregnancy. Even though it is a disease, many people still see impotence as just a normal case in some parts. Treatment of this leprechaunism depends on the cause of the Leprechaunism is genetic disorder which is usually associated with insulin resistance leading to delay in growth and other abnormalities in the body.

Diabetes is another type of leprechaunism disease. In this disease, the patients’ blood contains excess sugar. This is another life-threatening disease, and all have joined hands in order to fight this disease. Treatment of this leprechaunism disease includes an insulin injection into the blood stream. Also, the patient is advised to avoid foods which are full of sugar.


Another type of leprechaunism is acne which is the most common disease affecting both of the sexes. To treat this leprechaunism disease, a patient is given oral medication and some cosmetics under strict instruction from the doctor. This is because if the patient is not given strict instruction, he may misuse the drugs and it can lead to other related diseases like cancer which is the most serious disease in the whole world.

Insomnia is another is another type of leprechaunism disease which is the most widespread disease in the world. The insomnia mostly affects the old people but there are cases reported where the children also are affected by the insomnia. Treatment of this type of leprechaunism disease depends on the cause of the disease. In many cases drugs are prescribed by the doctor. These drugs, the patient is suppose to take the drugs when he or she wants to sleep. Also, the treatment of the insomnia can be done at home. This is through avoiding drugs like khats which is the major cause to lack of sleep. If the insomnia persists, counseling is important since it helps a person to live stress-free life.

Tips and comments

The knowledge about leprechaunism disease and the treatment is very important and we should all join hands together in order to fight this disease.we should also lead a healthy life so that we can overcome these leprechaunism. It is also very important for the family members to stop dispising people with leprechaunism diseases, instead they should support the patient.The government should give financial support in order to help fight this disease.

By Emma Wanjiku, published at 04/06/2012
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