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Most Common Mental Health Illnesses

Published at 03/14/2012 01:53:21


There many different types of mental health illnesses and more people are being diagnosed right now. Among the many types of mental health illnesses there are some that are more common than others.


Mental health illnesses seem to be sweeping the nation with alarming statistics and seemingly, every corner we turn, every person we may know either suffers from one of these illnesses. If not, then you can just about bet they know someone who does.

While mental health can be a touchy subject, and many different diagnoses of mental health illnesses are given everyday, it seems that we still don't really comprehend the seriousness of disorders as a whole when it comes to mental health.

History is full of stories where people were ostracized or made fun of if they had a mental health issue or were considered to be abnormal. Has this trend carried forward today? In some ways it has and in others it hasn't. After much research on mental health has been done, it has opened doors for understanding as to the concept of mental health illnesses and the reality that people with mental health illnesses face on a daily basis.

With the massive changes in mental health and modernization of technology, there are many mental health illnesses that have been found to be more common today. These were most likely illnesses that existed years ago, but its possible they could not be diagnosed. Among the mental health illnesses that people have been diagnosed with, there are some that are much more common than others. Some are treated without too much difficulty and others are a little more challenging.

Most Common Mental Health Illnesses

Although anxiety and stress can be part of our lives everyday, when it becomes too common, they may have underlying problems causing the anxiety and stress they are experiencing. Some of the most common feelings that anxiety will give someone are:

  • Unable to fully relax
  • Muscle aches, soreness and tense feeling
  • Sleep disorders
  • Disrupted concentration
  • Impatience
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Dysphagia
  • Palpitations
  • Shortness of breath

The next mental health illness which is all too common is depression. Depression can cause physical illness as well as the mental toll it takes on someone. Depression is real, just as anxiety is. Some common symptoms of depression are:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Sleep cravings
  • Appetite changes
  • Excessive crying
  • Lost interest in things that use to be enjoyable
  • Withdrawn
  • Problems doing everyday tasks
  • Lack of energy

Any or all of these symptoms could be a sign of depression, and sometimes people may experience additional symptoms, but either way, it is important to understand that depression is a real mental health illness.

Substance abuse is also considered a mental health illness. Substance abuse can be drug abuse, alcohol abuse or any drug that alters a people ability to face reality as well as changes their behavior

  • Substance abuse could be a problem if any of the following apply:
  • Getting high/drunk routinely
  • Tells lies about how much alcohol or drugs are actually used
  • Giving up activities that they once enjoyed
  • Staying distant from friends or family
  • Risk taking
  • Feeling depressed or hopeless
  • Selfishness and seems to not care about others
  • Legal issues

Tips and comments

If you or anyone you know suffers from any of the symptoms related to mental health illnesses, it is recommended to consult with a mental health professional.


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