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How Google Became a Popular Search Engine


Since it’s beginning, internet use has become more advanced than any technological tool available. With search engines like Google, it’s no wonder that internet users can find information related to just about any subject in existence. In just a short time, Google has gained more popularity and can be utilized by internet users all over the world.


Internet search engines are everywhere, but the most popular and most useful search engine known to man is Google. The idea of Google began in 1996 with 2 graduates from Stanford University that decided they wanted to build a search engine. Those 2 students built that search engine and it was formally known as “BackRub.”

Within 2 years, these students took their search engine tactics to another level and formed the search engine we now know as Google. Google was a name that the graduate students actually made up for themselves. They had a rationale behind their reason for assiginging Google as the search engines name. The naming of Google actually took place in 1997 which was before Google actually became incorporated.

Starting from a small workspace in a garage and growing to many offices located both internationally and in the United States, Google has plainly shown a steady path of growth and advances. This growth is a result of the advances they made in technology that not only enhanced the internet experience for users, but has also provided what internet users want most.

Google Through the Years

From the time Google was invented, there were many efforts made in order to enhance features, add new products and services, begin partnerships and take strides that would help give internet users the experience they were looking for.

With constant evolvement and word-of-mouth advertisement, Google gained popularity in 2000 when they became partners with Yahoo and became their search engine. In the same year, Google introduced their search engine services in 10 different languages. As if that wasn’t enough to begin their destination to popularity, this very same year, Google reached the billion number marks with URL listings in their search engine. This was the milestone that made Google the biggest search engine in the industry.

Throughout the history of Google search engine, they have continually made additions, new improvements, offered new features, taken on new partnerships and gained popularity mostly because they have always worked towards the same vision of giving internet users what they need and want.

With the pre-beginning thoughts in 1995, a newly formed search engine given the Google name in 1997 to their multiple offices and tons of features, products and services, Google has taken on many challenges and met many milestones in their short life.

From year to year, the documented history of Google search engine will show many of the unique challenges and undeniable growth has been and will continue to be concrete evidence of why Google has become such a popular search engine by being the largest, most productive and most useful. The continued growth potential of Google search engine is another element that is most likely going to lead Google to introduce new products and services for internet users and will lead them on the path to continued success.

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