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Know the Uses Of Www.http Google

Introduction is probably known to all. There are millions of users using Google as their primary search engine today. There are many added features provided by www.http Google besides searching keywords. Google mail (gmail) can be used for the purpose of sending and receiving emails. Gmail is one of the most advanced Internet mail servers today.

There are several other features of www.http Google such as the addition of websites to the Google server. Google+ is a new feature of having advanced features. Google has other features too such as the feature of social networking, Google maps, Google translator and more that are also very popular.


Google was originated as a research work by two students of Stanford, namely Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both were students of PhD at Stanford University, California. They assumed the theory of a system that analyzed the relationships between different websites. The technology they developed was known as PageRank. The websites were ranked according to the page views. They further changed the name to Google, which was originated by misspelling the word googol. The website ran under Stanford University with the domain On September 15, 1997, the Google was registered as the Domain name The domain started growing at a rapid pace. However, Larry and Brin were not agreed to make Google as the search engine, but it was later used for searching keywords.

Using www.http Google is very easy. The main reason for people using is the simplicity it has. You can access www.http Google very easily. There are not useless options that can be confusing. When you open www.http Google, you will get a simple text box where you can put the keywords for searching. The search engine will provide results within fractions of second. There are other features of www.http Google that are very much helpful too. Gmail is one of the fastest email servers over Internet today. The server is run by www.http Google. There are other features of such as Google maps and Google translator that are extremely popular. The Google maps are officially used for GPS system in many mobile devices too. Google translator is an easy to use online language conversion tool. You can translate different languages by using Google translator easily. the other powerful feature of www.http Google is site sharing that is latest addition to the server. One can share website on server easily and make in public too.


Using www.http Google is extremely easy. This is powerful web search engine with lots of facilities. One can use it for searching web, translating different languages, email, social networking, positioning, site sharing and many more.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 03/02/2012
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