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How To Get Your Website Listed in Google


It has been a common frustration of all webmasters and bloggers to get their websites and blogs indexed on Google. Inclusion in the search results of Google is free and easy. One does not even have to submit the website to Google. The Google search engine is fully automated and it uses bots or more specifically “spiders” to crawl the web on regular intervals to find websites and get them indexed. Most of the websites aren't manually added for inclusions instead they were found and added automatically by the spiders.

Due to increased spamming activities on the Internet, the duration of getting listed in the search results takes a longer period. So to determine the inclusion of your website in Google's index, search your websites URL in the Google like "" and it should return with the following result:

The Google spiders crawl billions of pages and it is impossible to miss some websites. Even if the website is missed or skipped, it is due to one of the following reasons:

  • There are not well connected backlinks from other websites.
  • It was launched after the most recent Googles crawl was completed.
  • The layout of the website makes it impossible for Google to figure out the content.
  • The website was unavailable temporarily when Google tried to crawl.
  • An error message was generated when the Google was crawling.

Step 1

The common acronym for search engine optimization is SEO, and it is a technology that can potentially get your website not only listed in the search engine but also get huge traffic on it. Search engine optimizers provide services like:

  • Reviewing website content and structure
  • Technical advice for development e.g. use of Java Script, hosting, redirects and error pages etc
  • Development of content
  • Keyword Research
  • Proficiency in particular markets and geographies.

Step 2

Follow these guidelines to make Google friendly websites:

  • Provide the visitors with the information that they are looking for
  • Provide backlinks to your website
  • Make the website easily accessible by building it with a logical link structure.

Step 3

You can submit your website at “”

Step 4

Submit your website's sitemap by using the Google webmaster tools, as it uses the sitemap to get knowledge of the structure of the website.

Step 5

Make sure that the backlinks to your website are working properly and are aware that your website is live.

Examine your website using a text browser like Lynx. Give permission to search bots to crawl your website without session IDs. Make sure that your web server supports “If Modified Since” HTTP Header. Use the bots. Put search engine optimized content in your website.

Don't stuff your webpage with lists of keywords like making “crawler only pages." Don't purchase an unauthorized SEO service. Avoid using images to demonstrate important stuff like names or links as Google spider doesn't recognize text written in images. Avoid the cloning of the same page under different URLs.

By John, published at 03/22/2012
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