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There are times when you may want to use instead of is the United Kingdom's version of the Google web search engine. All Google search engines in all countries are generally the same. The main difference between them is that your search results will come up based on the country that you are searching from. If using instead of, your results will be based on places and websites in the United Kingdom. No matter which Google search engine you choose to use, you will be able to access thousands of different results that match your search terms.

Step 1

One way that you will know when you should use instead of, is depending upon where you live. If you live somewhere in the United Kingdom, you may automatically choose to use is the main extension that web pages based in the United Kingdom use. If you are looking for general search results that are mainly based in the United Kingdom, where you live, you should use

Step 2

Even if you do not live in the United Kingdom, you may still want to use This is an excellent option if you are doing research on the United Kingdom, or simply want to find British websites and stores. To switch from using to, all you have to do is navigate to in your web browser. The formatting on is the same as and is just as simple to use. After starting a search, you will get results for mainly United Kingdom based websites and other popular sites that are similar to your search terms.

Step 3

The search results that you get from and may be very similar. While you will get some different results by using, you will get some of the same. This is mainly because United Kingdom users still websites. Since the United Kingdom and United States both speak English as their main language, there is no language difference in the two search engine websites. Using is simply the ideal search engine website to go to when you live in the UK, but there is no real difference in the two.

Step 4

To start a web search at, just enter your desired search terms in the search box. You can search for anything that you want on Google, including websites, stores, videos, pictures, maps, and more. Anything that you enter in on your search, Google will be sure to find similar results for. Once your results page loads, you will see the most popular sites near the top of your results. There will be tons of pages of search results that have websites that meet the criteria for what you were looking for.

Step 5

Browse through many of the search results that you received through If you do not live in the United Kingdom, but are using to search, you may find some new websites and online stores that you have never visited before.


Use for all of your Internet searching needs, as this website gives you the most accurate and up to date results on the web.

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By Colleen Ross, published at 03/06/2012
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