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How To Learn More About Google Sites


Google Sites ( is a great online information buddy. Just like buddies that watch out for their friends, google sites will take care of you. You can keep yourself thoroughly engaged with a little thought and few clicks. Google sites can help you, your friend, and your co-workers stay on top of projects, meetings, classes, events, teams, clubs, causes, fund raisers, schedules, vacations or anything else you can think of.

Step 1

Google sites perform three related functions (i) creates dynamic web pages with a few clicks. (ii) Constructs wikis for your users on any topic you may need. (iii) Generates dynamic file sharing tools on the fly.

Step 2

Google sites is a free component of Google Apps along with Gmail, Calendar and Docs. As with these other services you don’t need programming skills, and you don’t need any complicated Web design software beyond a web browser, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox.

Step 3

Before you can use google sites, you must have a Google Account or Google Apps account. A Google Account gives you access to a whole bunch of other free Google online services, such as Google Calendar where you can track your appointments and events, Blogger which lets you create your own blog, Picasa Web Albums, where you can share your photos online, and Google Docs.

Step 4

Like many other services offered by Google, google sites is a perpetual beta. This means that the clever Google engineers are always improving the way google sites works by adding new features and changing ones that aren’t helpful.

Step 5

You can use google sites to create a webpage with information you want to share with the world. A web page is a file that can be viewed by others in a web browser. A page can include written text, images, links to other pages, videos and so on.

Step 6

Google sites gives you access to hundreds of gadgets that you can add to your page, in addition to helping you include your texts and images. Gadgets are like mini web pages that shows specific information such as weather, news, headlines, calendar events, videos, communication tools, and more.

Step 7

A Wiki is a web page that any one can add or edit. Wiki is a Hawaiian term that means quick, and wiki sites, a feature of google sites, are unique because they can be created, edited and saved very quickly from within your web browser. They are also very helpful because every member of your group or team needs to go to only one place to find the latest information.


Wikis are increasingly becoming popular as companies, organizations, teams and families work to share information and learn the unique things that people know. In any work place, employees generally have more collective knowledge about how a company operates than the human resources director or company president. By using a wiki, all employees can share their knowledge with everyone else. The human resources team can then edit and organize it all.

Sources and Citations

How does a wiki work in a google sites? Everyone who has the ability to edit a site will see the Create New Page and Edit Page buttons at the top of the page. When anyone in your group clicks the Edit Page button, they can begin making changes to the page by adding a graphic or paragraph. When they are done, they can click the save button and the page updates instantly.

By Ajit Kumar Jha, published at 03/15/2012
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