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Introduction is the German version of has been developed and uploaded on the web by Google Inc. The Germans are the target users of domain. supports German language, which means that this search engine is meant to search webpages which are written in German language. also searches webpages that are written in all other languages. This search engine can search any text from webpages and also from images. can also search images.

Users of also get result suggestion while typing their query through its Instant Search feature. This feature reduces the search time and it saves around five seconds on every search. On a page, can display one-hundred search results. To get just 10 search results on a page, you need to enable the Instant Search feature. While using you cannot customize the number of search results on a page if Instant Search feature is disabled.

Boolean operators are used in to customize the search operation. Page rank is the most important part of because it determines which website should be at the top of the search results. Page Rank algorithm of is the best one which has made this search engine very popular on the Internet.

In, a website with the most external links gets the top most position in the search results. The Page rank algorithm of is recursive which means that it only responds to the websites that have backlinks. Apart from the interwoven webpages there are many other factors which affect page rank of a website.

By using voice search feature of, a user can even search words by saying them aloud in a microphone. Voice search feature works due to the voice recognition algorithm used by Through, you can search and get the latest real estate prices of various cities in Germany and from throughout the globe.

A user of can use image for searching the text inside it by using Search by Image feature. Through, you can find the current time in various cities all around the globe. Caching of webpages is continuously done by This search engine also takes snapshots of webpages from time to time. A user of can customize their search results by setting their language option and also by using the SafeSearch feature.

Through, users who access cached webpages that have PDF or Word files dont need to use any application to open such files because the content on such cached pages can be directly read in text format on the webpage itself.

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Through, you can also find the details about the stock market. You can also search movie reviews and current fashion trends through this search engine. You can also do calculations and convert the currency through

By using you can also check the climatic conditions in your city or country or of any city on the globe. You can also check the flight timings and maps through this search engine.

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