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How a Laptop Is Different From Pc Computers


This article will focus on the benefits of owning a laptop computer versus a desktop computer. Both are able to do similar functions with a desktop computer often known for greater graphics if you like video games. The laptop computers pc has become more popular for its benefits as life gets more and more busy.

Laptops vs PC

The first key when you look at a laptop computers pc is how portable the machine can be. You are not tied to a particular desk but rather can work whenever you want to and wherever you want to. This allows you to have the freedom to find a place where you will be most productive in getting your work completed. With the development of the Internet and with broadband, it is also very easy to be connected on the Internet wherever you may want to take your laptop. The various wireless companies have different devices so that you can connect to a network wherever you may be.

College students in particular probably enjoy the laptop the most. It allows them to work with their group said the library or with in a home or a form of fellow classmates. You can do presentations completely from the laptop as well. The demand placed on the computer by this class of individuals is more than met.

Looking at the bigger picture, life has become much more demanding these days and the laptop is a solution for many of the problems. There is a great deal more travel for consultants and many business professionals and the laptop is the only way they can get their work done. This has been shown to be of great use especially at airports as you see many busy professionals able to be productive during long downtimes that can happen with commercial flights. Many small businesses are run out of home offices or small rented spaces which may not have the necessary space for a desktop to be there. laptops pc computers can fit in very well.

Desktops used to have a great advantage over laptops as far as many functions and capabilities. As technology has become more advanced, PC laptops computers have followed a similar pattern so that laptops are able to perform many of the same functions which previously only the desktop could handle. The advantages that a desktop used to have slowly dwindled through the years so that the portability of a laptop has steadily trumped the desktop entirely.

When you're deciding between a laptop and a desktop, take all this information given here into consideration. The desktop and laptop are able to serve various purposes with laptop containing certain advantages to it which a desktop just cannot overcome.


For rough use desktop is better as Laptop is too delicate machine. The main advantage of a laptop over a desktop is that a laptop is portable. You can take a laptop anywhere with you, so it can be used at any time, although laptops do require a additional battery in case the original battery runs out. Choosing a laptop with a long battery life may be solving this problem. We have to take extra care while carrying n all for laptop. Laptop PC’s also having an inbuilt mouse, though you can still choose to use an external mouse if you prefer. Laptop keyboards tend to be more compact than and not as bulky as desktop PC keyboards. The only disadvantage of a laptop PC over a desktop PC is the fact that laptops are much more expensive, so if you're looking for a cheaper option then a desktop PC may be a better choice. But in long run laptop computers pc are cheaper as they require less electricity and needs low maintenance.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 02/23/2012
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