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Red Hat Linux, is a now defunct Linux OS (operating system). It was made and supported by the software Company Red Hat, and was one of Linux's most iconic and famous desktop operating systems. Red Hat Linux has been praised and used by millions of users world wide, and even today, there remains small but dedicated group of Red Hat Linux users, fans and enthusiasts. Today, we'll give a short review of the historical Linux OS (operating system), by learning about its history and features, so please feel free to join us on our review of Red Hat Linux.


Red Hat Linux first came to light in November 3, 1994. It was made by Red Hat and was officially named "Red Hat Commercial Linux", although for short it was simply referred to as Red Hat. Not only was it one of the most widely used Linux OSs of the 90's, it as also the first to come with a RPM Package Manager as its packaging format, which is a formats still in use today by several other Linux distributions, such as Mandriva Linux and Yellow Dog Linux. Linux Red Hat sports the single most iconic and mysterious icon of any Linux Distro, the famous spy in a Red Hat, which is where the name "Red Hat Linux" comes from. But sadly, in 2003, due to lack of funds, lack of users, the inability to keep up with changes and plain old lack of support and enthusiasm, the Red Hat company discontinued Red Hat Linux, though they did run a new version named Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL for short), which ran successfully as an OS for companies and servers, until its demise in 2004. In that same year, all productions and releases of Red hat Linux in any form were permanently stopped. The only support users received for the Red Hat company was incremental updates from time to time, this support was also stopped in the year 2006. So, was this the end of Red Hat Linux? Well, no. Not by far. In the year 2003, a community developed version, named Fedora, was released for desktops. Fedora now enjoys officially support form the Red Hat company. It's fair to say that, Fedora is what Red Hat Linux would have been, had Red Hat Linux not been killed off.


Red Hat Linux never really had any features found in modern OSs, as it was killed off when modern OS had just started hitting their stride. But nonetheless, it had pioneered the popularity of some unique features, among which was the ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) file execution format. Which is now used across all major platforms, and gaming consoles, such as the Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. Another noteworthy feature, was the Red Hat Linux GUI (graphical user interface installer) installer, Anaconda. Anaconda inspired many other Linux OS to adopt GUI based installers, which makes the process of installing an OS easier for new users to understand. Since then, virtually every famous or well know Linux OS has a GUI installer. Red Hat Linux also included a program named Lokkit, which was designed to help users configure their firewall settings and usability. While Red Hat Linux had many awesome features, Fedora's features are even better, so in conclusion of this review, I recommend Fedora to those wishing a taste pf Red Hat Linux, but if you wish to experience Red Hat Linux first hand, you can go to and download it.

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Red Hat Linux is still an excellent system for servers.

By Mohseen Lala, published at 03/26/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (11 votes)
Review Of Red Hat Linux. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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