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What You Need To Know About Windows Xp & Vista


If you're new to computer OSs (operating systems), and are faced with a choice between Windows XP and Windows Vista, then we're here to clarify the differences between the two systems, and explain the pros and cons of each one.

XP Windows and Vista Windows each have their better and bitter halves, while Vista is newer, it has many shortcomings, while Windows XP has been praised as one of Microsoft's best operating systems till date.

So, which is better for what purpose, and which one is better for you? What's their history? And what are their features?  We'll answer all these question right now.


Let's start with the older of the two, Windows XP. It was released in 2001, as the new new millennium's  new operating system, since Windows 2000 was technically a bridge over OS. The words XP stand for experience, as in the new Windows experience.

It quickly took off and was a major hit, due mainly to it's stability, new user interface, and slightly more intuitive user experience compared to older systems. The hit OS garnered over 400 million legal sales by the year 2006, illegal downloads of the OS are countless, despite the fact that it was the first OS to use code activation to combat piracy. 

As per Microsoft's widely infamous policy, Windows XP came in Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Starter Edition (for third word countries) and finally Windows XP Edition N, which did not have Windows Media Player.

Windows Vista on the other hand, had a rocky start and abrupt ending. Almost no one liked it, and eventually Microsoft were forced to kill it before its time, and haphazardly introduce Windows 7. Although Windows Vista was the cutting edge OS of its time, it had many restrictions, the only good thing about it was, that  Windows Vista was a bit more safer than Windows XP.



Windows XP had many excellent features, it was easy to install, was actually more secure than Windows Vista as long as the user exercised some common sense, and worked on almost every type of hardware. Windows XP also ran a lot smoother, had better feedback from the tech community, is over all much preferred to Windows Vista.

Windows XP sported hundreds of new features, the most visible of which was the over hauled UI (user interface). Other less visible, but just as important features were; a graphics subsystem, direct x 9 upgrade, new Windows Explorer, new Internet Explorer, new Windows Media player, built in CD burning, fast user switching and introduction of the Windows Media center.

Windows Vista, on the other hand just seemed like on massive UI redesign, ripped off almost entirely from other OSs and developers. The load icon was a simpler version of Mac OS's spinning beach ball, Internet Explorer had ripped off various features and designs from Opera Mini and Safari.

It was also slower at playing games than windows XP, it ran slower, did not work on pre-2005 laptops, had a lot of software bloat and consumed much more power than Windows XP, as a result most laptops batteries ran out faster.

In the end, most users actually downgraded form Vista to Xp, If you want a shiny new Windows system, that can play games and is better than Vista, get Windows 7, otherwise XP is the better option.

Tips and comments

Always clean up you system every month or so, do as to keep it clean and fast.


By Mohseen Lala, published at 03/23/2012
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What You Need To Know About Windows Xp & Vista. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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