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Top 5 Toxic Shock Syndrome Symptoms

Published at 02/22/2012 17:20:10

Toxic Shock Syndrome, What?

You must have heard about a certain disease that is caused by some bacterial toxins that travel through your blood. Among the many diseases that involve the blood, one of them is toxic shock syndrome. It was in 1978 that people were made aware of this disease. This disease really gave the world some scare when it became an epidemic in 1981. Those who got hit by this disease were women who were using tampons. It is said that this disease is caused by a certain type of bacteria, which is known as Staphylococcus.

This is a severe disease, which is why those who have toxic shock syndrome have to be brought to the hospital the moment the person is diagnosed with this disease. This disease is classified as one of those systemic illnesses which mean it affects the entire body of the person. The moment the person is admitted, tampons and other nasal packing are removed from the possession of the patient.

Here are some of the toxic shock syndrome symptoms manifests in the person. These symptoms should be a warning to those who are experiencing them and pick up the cue that they need to be checked. The toxic shock syndrome symptoms mentioned below are just five of the many that give you signs that you might have this type of disease.

Step 1

1. If you have the bacteria that cause this toxic shock syndrome symptoms, you will experience some fever.

Step 2

2. You will also experience some headaches occasionally.

Step 3

3. Nausea and vomiting is also expected.

Step 4

4. Diarrhea is also common.

Step 5

5. Muscle pains and low blood pressure can also occur.


These are just some of the symptoms that you can expect from the toxic shock syndrome disease. Depending on the seriousness of your toxic shock syndrome symptoms, the symptoms might show differently. And the treatment for such disease also varies depending on its seriousness.

Prevention Is Possible

Top 5 Toxic Shock Syndrome Symptoms

This toxic shock syndrome happens mostly in women and attributed to the use of tampons. Well, even if tampons are not the really the root cause of the disease, but they are helping out the bacteria that cause the disease to make it happen. Doctors at the moment are discouraging the use of tampons for women. That is why sanitary pads are now advisable as a form of prevention. However, for women who would still want to use tampons for their menstruation, it is advisable to replace your tampons every four to eight hours. And don’t forget to change them when you are about to go to sleep.

Another way to help people make sure that they are not prone to these toxic shock syndrome symptoms is by washing your hands properly. This will prevent the spread of bacteria that not only causes the toxic shock syndrome symptoms but also other diseases.

Learn More Of the Disease

If you want to learn more about this serious disease that involves the blood, you search online or at your local library. There are websites that can help you find information about diseases like toxic shock syndrome. Research will keep you equipped with knowledge on how to fight this disease.


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