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How Good Heatlh Depends Mainly on Healthy Habits


Health is mainly the complete absence of disease. It has other aspects too such as regular level of physical, mental and social state of body function. The health is a multi-dimensional state of function of human body. It’s mainly the body condition that helps you get through your daily routine and disease on the other hand left you in a state of sufferings, and mainly the disease cycle cause the handicap and disabled person. The happy go lucky healthy life cycle is disrupted. The sound of ill health is what disgusts us. Mainly the loss of healthy life is disease. Good health mainly depends on good habits. Health is wealth; we know this since our child. We are trained to adopt good health habits so that a disease free healthy body can be achieved. A healthy body supports a healthy mind, and that mainly is the key to success. In this era of fast living and extreme competition, we cannot afford losing a single hour to sickness. Health is mainly a triangle based approach adopting habits that help achieving physical, mental and social well being.


Health can be achieved by adopting life style such habits mainly the healthy ones. You can yourself count on your fingertips many of these health habits. Mainly the concern of this article is to teach you some healthy habits that are beyond the daily scope of life style of general public. The health habits are mainly a code that needs you to be firmly involved by your own will. Mainly your health habits for good health are: brush teeth, avoid dirt, comb your hair, clean your surroundings, eat good food, avoid fatty foods, eat fresh, walk and exercise, drink clean water, wear clean cloths, change mode of living according to weather and some tips like that.


Mainly it’s your knowledge that helps you decide at every step of adoption of good health habits. Here are few new habits to adopt:

  • Know yourself and know your body. Every human body is significantly different from each other. Everyone has adaptive characters different from others. The more you know about what is suitable for your body and what is not, the more you will be healthy. Mainly it is about knowing your body’s likes and dislikes.
  • Plan your diet mainly according to your job and needs. Depending upon the level of stress that you go through determines the requirements of energy and nutrition. Age and sex is also important. A nutritionist can be consulted for a chart made up exclusively for you. It has been the key to the body mechanics because the nutrition is mainly the fuel for its engine.
  • Even if you are busy, spare time for yourself. Your own body is also possessive of you. Give a small portion of your time to your body. Take its care so that it can take care of you. Mainly your body is your best friend on the road to health.
  • Don’t adopt anything in excess. Mainly a change is good in diet, your style, your life and your comfort zone but excess or absence is the worst prognostic factors in health achievements. It does also include fruits, junk food, postures, clothing, hobbies etc.
  • Eat all kind of foods. Carbohydrates, protein and fats are mainly the perfect portion of good diet. But do take care of your vitamins and minerals requirements. Find a friend in fiber.
  • Get regular checkups. Suspicion should be excluded of disease, by regular checkups. It’s an expensive habit, but health is more wealthy luxury. Don’t ignore a symptom as you don’t ignore to check the engine light in your car.

Tips and comments

Keep your environment clean and while you’re adopting a habitat change, do get all the prophylactic medical care you need for this new area. The concept of public health mainly follows this approach. Avoid sedentary life style and addictive habits like tea, alcohol and smoking. Train you self and your next generation to live with healthy life habits. Always remember that it’s your health that mainly depends on healthy habits choice. So choose wisely and live healthy.

By Ali Javed, published at 02/23/2012
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How Good Heatlh Depends Mainly on Healthy Habits. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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