Skin Care Trips For Using Face Cream
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Skin Care Trips For Using Face Cream

Published at 03/27/2012 22:36:17


Skin Care Trips For Using Face Cream

The range of face creams available on the market is very wide and is designed to solve numerous problems that arise along the life. From acne problems which occur in adolescence to wrinkles which appear at around 30 years, from oily complexion to dry or combo, there is a face cream for every need of skin and as long as you know how to use it, you have all the chances to remain young forever. So, for offering your skin the best care possible, keep in mind the following tips for using face cream.


Skin Care Trips For Using Face Cream

The most important thing for an efficient skin care is to choose the face cream according to your skin type. There are three types of skin: oily, dry and combo. If you use a face cream formulated for active sebaceous glands and you have dry skin, you will surely dehydrate your skin even more than it is. Or, if you apply an oily type of cream on acne prone complexion, the pores will be blocked by oil and will form pimples.
For obtaining or maintaining a flawless skin as long as possible, the application of the face cream should be always preceded by a good cleanses ritual. After you clean your face from dirt and makeup, apply a toner with antibacterial proprieties to impede bacteria from adhering to the skin.


Skin Care Trips For Using Face Cream

If you want a face cream which not only beautifies your skin, but also protects it from the damaging sun rays and pollution, always apply those which have at least SPF 15 mentioned on the label. By doing so, you will notice less scars, less red spots on the skin and you will benefit from an even complexion all the time. It doesn’t matter if it is summer season or winter season. Don’t go out without a face cream like this. You can even apply a thin layer of sunscreen over the regular face cream, but never forget to wash it before going to bed because it is not made to be worn all day.
Another important tip for your skin to look perfect and for the face cream to work efficiently is to use day creams and night creams made by the same brand because otherwise you risk waking up with irritations caused by ingredients which don’t work together.
Never apply the face cream with the hands unwashed if you want to avoid bacteria getting into the pores.
Choose face creams rich in vitamins and nutrients to maintain the level of collagen in the skin. For persons over thirty or forty years there are face creams enriched directly with collagen because starting with this age the elasticity of the skin is visibly deteriorating, so a more active riposte is needed.

Tips and comments

Finally, don’t forget about the eyes’ area and offer it a special care because it has a thinner and more sensitive texture. Use only lightweight creams which enter the skin very fast. The thick creams might not be absorbed by this thin skin, so avoid them.
In conclusion, using a face cream is easy, but for best results put in practice the tips mentioned above.


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