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Advantages Of the Sony Ericsson 3G Phone


What is 3G? A question asked by many who have yet to experience the changes this network has brought into the lives of its customers. 3G actually stands for Third generation. It is a network, which is used by phones that have the 3G feature in them. A more popular and common term for the Sony Ericsson touch phones would be “smart phones”.
Sony Ericsson is a brand that is very well known by billions around the world. Everyone knows that all Sony Ericsson Phones are built to suit the requirements of the users they are made for. Crystal clear imaging, combined with amazing sound clarity is what this company is good at producing.


After 2G, 2.5G, and other previous networks that tried to bring advancements to the telecommunication industry, 3G is by far the most advanced and widely used state of communication that has been discovered in this age. Even though the 3.5G technology is also available, but the one with a greater accessibility rate is the 3G network.

Advantages and Features

The 3G has given life a new meaning, bringing advancement to the everyday lives of its users, spreading awareness about their surroundings. It has sharpened their reflexes and has made the pace at which people understand things, much faster. It (3G) is faster than the previous technologies, resulting in a faster transfer of data, which ultimately results in better voice quality, better signal strength, to the get voice through.

Sony Ericsson 3G phones have (unlike the previous versions) web browsers pre-installed in them to support the Internet, rather than just WAP. Because of which Internet streaming, web browsing, downloading/uploading of video and audio content at speeds matched by no other brands have been made possible.

There are certain features that the 3G Sony Ericsson phones have, that are worth mentioning. They have a variety of smart phones available for users to choose from. Though the combined with the best features, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose from. Most of these smart phones nowadays are touch capable. However for users who feel comfortable using keys have smart phones with QWERTY keypads for ease of access. Two high resolution cameras on both sides of the phone are a kind of a 3G trademark, and are almost always used in video conferencing.

Other prominent features include speedy data transmission over the wireless Internet support (Wi-Fi), built-in memory of 8, 16 or 32GB and yet supporting a memory card to further increase that space.

There is no (best 3G phone) in the market. Every new phone on the market, be it a Sony Ericsson Experia or a Sony Ericsson w518a every phone has its own unique selling point, which attracts the user. For instance, Sony Ericsson Experia Play is more focused on customers that enjoy playing high quality games on the go, whereas the Sony Ericsson w595 is used by those who enjoy good music quality on the go.

In today’s world, having a device such as a 3G smart phone is a must and the new in-thing.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 02/19/2012
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Advantages Of the Sony Ericsson 3G Phone. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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