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How To Install Windows Service Pack 2


The operating system is an integral part of any computer. It is a special type of software known as the system software which helps the user to communicate with the underlying hardware without bothering the different I/O services. Operating System helps to facilitate different application software easily on the operating system. Applications such as a PDF reader, music player, and the web browser are few examples of application software.

Microsoft Corporation's Windows is one of the most famous and most used Operating System in the world. Windows XP and Windows 7 are some of the most prominent operating system used today. Service pack Windows are the updates of the operating system in which old bugs are fixed and new features are added. Before installing the updates, it must be checked that the minimum amount of space on the hard disk is available otherwise installation process may be halted midway. Windows XP is having a very easy to use graphical interface which makes this operating system even more famous.

Step 1

The new service pack Windows for XP comes with new features such as Windows Firewall, Automatic Updates and the new wireless network set-up. Before installing service pack Windows, all the important programs such as antivirus database, firewall database, malware program must be updated. Check the system for any kind of unwanted virus with the help of the antivirus program. It also checks for malware, spyware, or trojans. If some viruses, malware, spyware are found on the system it must be quarantined or deleted.

Step 2

All the service pack Windows installation are done on the underlying drive where the previous version of software is present. So all the important and necessary data from that particular drive must be saved or moved to a different place as the new installation will overwrite the drive.

Step 3

Download the service pack Windows from the website and save it on the disk where you can find it easily (Desktop is a nice place to save it).

Step 4

Close all the applications which are running on the system such as music player, office suite etc. Select the program and double click on it or click the right mouse button and press run. This will unpack the installer package of the service pack Windows and a pop-up window will appear on the screen. Click on the next button and follow the easy instructions to install pack Windows.

Step 5

Turn on the computer or laptop after the completion of the installation process of the service pack Windows. Configure the Security according to your requirements. It is advised that the automatic update feature must be turned on for future safety. All these features are available in the control panel. Update your antivirus, malware program, firewall and other necessary software before using the Operating System.


The latest updates from Microsoft must be checked on a regular basis, and it will install all the necessary security updates which ensure the safety and security of your computer or laptop. This will save your system from all kinds of security threats and you will enjoy the use of new service pack Windows.

By AJ, published at 02/22/2012
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