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How To Purchase Windows 2003

Published at 02/25/2012 15:29:41


Windows 2003 is an operating server that is used for servers. This Microsoft product is one the best server operating servers. Windows 2003 is a descendant of Windows 2000, but it is far more reliable and stable than the Windows 2000. Several improvements can be experienced in the Windows 2003 like improved performance and new features which were included in it. Windows 2003 is available in two forms 32 bit and the 64 bit. After the release of this operating system,  people purchased it for its reliability and stability.

Step 1

Ask yourself if you really need Windows 2003. Since the operating system is not free, you should think twice before making any move. If you feel that you need a operating system for your office and you want to have a server operating system, then you should search several websites where the Windows 2003 is available at a nominal price.

Step 2

Fans and old users of Windows 2003 have a tremendous in-depth knowledge of the operating system. They must consider the following features they want to have in their server as more features means more the cost of the operating system. Several auction website are available where the user can purchase this operating system. Many people must be migrating to the new Microsoft Windows 2008 and they must want to sell the older versions at a cheaper rate.

Step 3

You can compare Windows 2003 with the new versions of Windows 2008 and several new operating system such as the Windows Vista andWindows 7. Reviews of these operating systems are available online from which you can gain insight of the difference between different operating system available.

Step 4

The price of the operating system generally ranges from $98 to $160, according to the features you want to incorporate in your system. The support is also available for them. It is bit tough to get this operating system at a nominal price with lots of features but with a bit of luck you can make this happen for you.

Step 5

Several people are opting for the new Windows 2008 R2, but it is completely up to the user what they want on their system. Some people are comfortable using Windows 2003 and some want to try something new on their system. Small business firms actually want to purchase the Windows 2003 as it will be cheap and with good inbuilt security in them. It is strongly advised that you install the operating system in a new way. In other words avoid dual booting. A new and clean install will prevent your system from any kinds of error, instability and bugs.


Though it is not easy to find Windows 2003, with some good research skills you can get it on various websites.


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