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How To Navigate To the Command Prompt in Windows

Published at 03/09/2012 15:37:12


The average user of the modern Microsoft Windows operating system has probably never had to use the command prompt maybe more than once, if at all. Instead, just about everything in Windows is accomplished through clicking or moving an object around in some form to affect change in the operating system.

This type of action on a PC is commonly referred to as the graphical user interface. it is not referring to a bar graph or pie chart, but a graphic or image on the screen. For example, when users want to make changes in the Windows 7 operating system, they must first open a dialog box or a window to access utilities like the Control Panel. Then users check mark and select a circular radio button to interact with the operating system.

Now compare the GUI to the command prompt window. It is simple to use, but users themselves might have to think a little harder to carry out those commands. For example, if you want to rename a file using the modern GUI set up, then you just right-click on the file as it appears in the window and then select the Rename option. simply type in a new name and press the Enter key. The command prompt requires that you manually type in command that points to the file and a whole series of other steps. Using the command prompt window is still desired by many users because it is a familiar and fully functional aspect of the operating system. Accessing the command prompt is very easy.

Step 1

Click on the Start button at the bottom of the Windows desktop on the taskbar. This should take you to the Start Menu.

Step 2

Type the following terms in the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu: "command prompt." The Windows operating system will perform a search for this utility.

Step 3

Click the Command Prompt utility when it appears at the top of the Start Menu. After you click on the icon Windows will take you to a black box that is titled Command Prompt.

Step 4

Type the word "Help" in the window and press the Enter key to learn about what options you can control in Windows using the command prompt.

Step 5

Type the word "exit" and then press the Enter key to close out of the command prompt box. You can still use the GUI in Windows.


You can run the command prompt as an administrator to change more sensitive aspects of the Windows operating system.

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