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How Is Windows Mail Useful?


Windows Mail is the email client software available from Windows Vista and Windows 7. It succeeded the older Windows email client software called as Outlook express. Outlook express was used by millions of Windows users. The new installation from Microsoft by the name Windows Mail brings in more functionality and ease of use, compared to the older Microsoft Outlook Express. Windows Mail has now changed to Windows live mail.

The main use of Windows Mail remains the same as that of Microsoft Outlook Express. It is a very robust and easy to use email client that can even be set up to receive emails from other service providers like Yahoo or Gmail. Windows Mail has only a few minor differences from that of its previous outlook express counterpart. The icons in Windows Mail have been changed to reflect the new style of icons now seen in operating systems from Windows Vista onwards.

Some of the main improvements seen in Windows Mail are:

  • Windows Mail uses IPv6. IPv6 is the future format for IP address.
  • Windows mail saves messages in an person file and not in a single database file. This improves the stability and search functionality of this program.
  • Account setup information is also not stored in the registry, but it is stored alongside the mail. This makes it easy to transfer the configuration of Windows Mail from one machine to another.
  • Junk spam mail filtering has been improved.
  • To protect users from websites that is malicious, a fishing filter has been implemented in the software.


Another difference of Windows Mail is that unlike Outlook express, users can't switch identities or use multiple identities in one running instance of the software. To create multiple identities, a separate new user account has to be created first. The main use of Windows Mail is to send, receive and manage mails. To send a new email, one has to select the create mail option. Enter the email address of the person to whom youre sending the mail to.

If there are multiple recipients, add each email address separated by space. Now enter the subject in the subject line and you can attach any type of documents using the attach option. Once all the steps have been completed, you can enter the message in the body section of the email. Once it has been done, press the send button to send the email. To confirm, if the email has been sent you can go into the sent items folder and check for mails that have been successfully sent.

Tips and comments

All the new emails that you receive from others, will get stored inside the inbox folder. The messages inside the inbox folder can be on organized by clicking any column heading like subject, received, from, and more. This will sort the messages in the inbox, according to what option you have selected. Finally, to delete those messages that you don't want in your inbox, right click the message and select delete option from the pull-down menu. This can also be done by pressing the delete key on the keyboard. These are some of the basic functionality and use of Windows Mail software.

By samque, published at 03/25/2012
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