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What Is Virtual Windows?


Virtual Windows is a program which is virtualized for the Microsoft Windows. Microsoft released the version of Windows as a free product in July 2006. The Macintosh version of Microsoft was announced in the August 2006 that it would not be ported on the Macintosh computers which are Intel-based. They discontinued the manufacturing of power PC based Macintosh computers. Windows Virtual PC was a newest release which does not run on the earlier versions of Windows 7. It also does not run MS-DOS or the operating system on the earlier version of Windows XP SP3 Professional but the older versions were still available as they support the wider range of host and guest.

A standard PC and the associated hardware is virtualized by Virtual PC. The operating system of the supported Windows run only in the Virtual Windows. Linux is another operating system and it can run on it but it is not officially supported. In April 30, 2009 the Virtual Windows PC were entered in the beta testing which was public. It was actually released along with the Windows 7. This version supported only the Windows 7 host operating systems unlike the predecessors of this version. Hardware virtualization support was required for this version.


Microsoft updated the Microsoft Virtual Windows PC which were allowed to run on the PC without the support of hardware in March 19, 2010. For certain additions of Windows 7 the Virtual Windows PC is available free of cost. You can download it from the Internet or website or it may be preinstalled by the OEMs.

Tips and comments

There are some of the features of Virtual Windows PC. There is USB support and the redirection. You can connect the peripherals. These peripherals can be either the digital cameras or the flash drives. You can print from the guest to the Host printers of operating systems. There is seamless application publishing and launching. You can directly run the Windows XP mode from the desktop of Windows 7. There is multi-threading support. You can concurrently run multiple virtual machines as well. The stability and the performance is improved in this way.

There is the redirection of smart card. You can use the smart cards which are usually connected to the host. There is also another feature of integration with the Windows explorer. You have to manage all the virtual machines from the single folder of explorer. The console of virtual machine is replaced by the shell folder of integrated virtual machines. There are many options that are removed from the console. Drag and drop system of file sharing is also removed between the host and the guest. The direct sharing of the folders is also removed which is between the host and the guest. Physical and virtual parallel ports are also removed. On a single physical host you can run the multiple guest operating systems using Virtual PC. There may be some licensing restrictions by the Microsoft that is why the configurations may be unsupported.

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