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Discover 8 Tips For Defender Windows

Published at 03/31/2012 18:44:45


If you are using Internet on a regular basis then its mean you are placing your computer at higher risk. There are several ways through which your Windows can be damaged and one of them is spyware. With the help of Windows Defender you can scan your whole system by detecting spyware that has affected your system. Windows Defender is an application that is used to provide security against spyware. It also helps a system defend again different threats like slow processing, pop-ups and other dangerous programs that can create infection in your system. Windows Defender gives sound protection against the installation of spywares on your Windows.

Step 1

This is very important and essential application that you should install in your computers for the sake of best protection. Windows Defender is very simple to utilize and protects the computer by the provision of all necessary updates from Microsoft., if you have installed Window XP or Window Vista in your system, you can get more benefits because of extra features for the users of Vista and XP free of cost. “Clean System” is a tremendous feature of defender Windows, which runs your system slickly by an immediate and single click act.

Step 2

Windows Defender also has some other great features. These include tight integration of Internet explorer, real time safety feature, particular functionality in Window XP and Vista. In 2005, when Windows Defender was 1st launched, Microsoft announced that one can utilize this application in computers if they have legal license of any operating system by Microsoft. The first version of Defender Windows was developed in Visual Basic. However, in 2006, when the second version of Windows Defender was launched, Microsoft changed its language to more secure C++ in order to provide efficient performance than its previous version.

Step 3

The second version of Windows Defender has remarkable capabilities to provide protection. It can protect your system from spyware even when you are not logged-in to your system. Windows Defender also provides an effective way to delete extra files and documents, cache and cookies in the browser. Soon after, Microsoft launched many other versions of Windows Defender with enhanced features of protection. Some of the famous versions of Windows Defender include German version, Japanese version and some other as well. You can even remove or disable Windows Defender from your system if you don't want it or you have some other better option for you system security.

Tips and Comments

There are basically two methods to delete Windows Defender from your system. You can remove Windows Defender both manually or automatically. Manual method is bit difficult than automatic because in manual method you have to work with the systems registry that is a complicated task to perform. Then you also have to chunk all the websites, which are interlinked with spyware. So it can be quite difficult task to perform. where, automatic removal feature of defender Windows is quite easy and quick to perform. Click the START button then go for CONTROL PANNEL and double click the button of “ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS”. Then just by making a double click on the option of Windows Defender you can remove it.


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