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What You Should Know About Silicone Skin


Silicone is a chemical product known for its occlusive qualities. The product is spread in a thick layer ensuring the skin’s moisture level. Skin silicone is generally used because it fills in the gaps on the skin. Even more, the skin silicone is widely used for concealing acne scars and not just for filling up the fine lines on your face.

The skin works as membrane that eliminates toxins trough perspiration. The chemical product has been used by people for a long time, resulting in sensitivity or encapsulation. The chemical was discovered in 1787 by Antoine Lavoisier but the credit for the discovery is given to Berzelius, who prepared the amorphous silicon in 1824. The present name of the chemical product was given by Thomas Thomson in 1831. He added “-on” at the end of the word because he realized that skin silicone is not metal, but it is similar to carbon and boron.

Even if skin silicone products are used widely for many years hiding acne scars, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the chemical product is good for your skin. The problem is that it sits on the skin as a layer and doesn’t allow it to breathe. Even more, bacteria, sebum and dirt are covered by the skin silicone sometimes resulting in major breakouts if the skin gets irritated. There were a lot of people throughout the years that complained about nasty skin irritations because of the silicone.

Specialists say that people need to abstain from using skin silicone products because after using it a longer time you can have allergic reactions to it making your skin overly sensitive. Even more, if silicone is used in large quantities it can be toxic at some point because your skin isn’t allowed to breathe. If there’s an acne breakout, other products could prove to be unable to counter the effect because the skin product can’t moisturize your skin because of the silicone layer.

Tips and comments

Silicone is usually found in many skin care products and it is not found only in moisturizing skin care products but it is also found in serums. When you buy makeup or other beauty products you need to read carefully about the primers and liquid foundations of the product. Even if the product can make your skin smooth, it might contain silicone so it’s best to reconsider using it. Of course, trying to avoid using silicone is not that easy because the majority of skin care products have a silicone element in them.

This doesn’t mean that the product isn’t good or that it will irritate your skin. If at some point, you notice skin irritation when using a product that includes silicone, stop using it and other products that contain it. Our skin can tolerate the chemical product but it depends a lot on the quality and the quantity used in a specific skin care product. For example, silicone isn’t good for people that have sensitive skin because complications can appear when you less aspect them.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/04/2012
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