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Finding the Best Windows Replacement For Your Home


Windows is the computers operating system. It is the interface between the users and the hardware. The purpose of windows replacement is to improve the previous operating system. Windows operating system controls the hardware available by managing the CPU and memory operations. You can take advantage of windows replacement to increase efficiency.

Step 1

Determine the available hard disc space:

Determine whether the hard disc has sufficient space to accommodate the windows replacement. During this step of windows replacement, you should also find out if there an old windows folder on the computer. You can achieve this by clicking start, then click computer.

  1. Go to view menu and click details.
  2. In Free Space column, go to Hard Disk Drives to find the available space.
  3. You can determine if there is an existing windows old folder by double clicking on the Local Disc(C) in hard disk drives area.
  4. If Windows.old folder exists, you can now follow these steps.
  5. Right click Windows.old folder.
  6. Wait for Windows to search. Check if Windows.old folder is small compared to free space in Local Disk (C). If the Windows.old folder is twice the size if free space in Local Disc(C), you cannot restore the previous installation.

Step 2

Start windows recovery:

During this step, you should start windows recovery environment to begin your windows replacement exercise.

  1. Put windows installation disc into the DVD drive. Restart the computer.
  2. Press a key after a prompt to restart from disc.
  3. Go to Install Windows, select language, time keyboard input method (or any other input method) and click next.
  4. Click Repair Computer in Install Windows.
  5. Go to System Recovery Options, click the Windows operating system that you want to replace or repair, click next.
  6. Click command Prompt in System Recovery Options. Command Prompt opens a window for you to type commands in the subsequent steps.

Step 3

Move Windows folders to new folder:

During windows replacement, you have to type a number of commands in order to move Windows folders to a new one. You may receive a message suggesting that this system is unable to find specified file, when you type command at Command prompt. If you receive the message, go to next step in the section and type the command in the step. If for instance you are replacing Windows 7, type these commands the press ENTER after each command:

  • C:
  • Md Win7
  • Move windows win7\Windows
  • Move "program files" "Win7\program files"
  • Move users win7\users
  • Attrib –h –s –r programdata
  • Move programdata win7\programdata
  • Rd "documents and settings"

Step 4

Copy or move Window.old contents:

During windows replacement, you move or copy Windows.old folder contents by typing commands in the command prompt and PRESS Enter after you type each of them. If you receive a massage that the system does not find the specified file, go to next step and type the command there. The commands that you are required to type in this step are:

  • move /y c:\windows.old\windows c:\
  • move /y "c:\windows.old\program files" c:\
  • move /y c:\windows.old\programdata c:\
  • move /y c:\windows.old\users c:\
  • move /y "c:\windows.old\documents and settings" c:\

Step 5

Restore boot sector for previous installation:

  • This is done by typing the commands that are appropriate to the situation at command prompt.
  • If the previous installation was windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003, type D:\boot\bootsect /nt52 c: and ENTER.
  • If Windows Vista was the previous installation type D:\boot\bootsect /nt60 c: then ENTER. Type Attrib –h –s –r boot.ini.saved then Copy boot.ini.saved boot.ini when the previous Windows installation was Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  • Type exit and close command prompt window. Click restart. Once you verify that the windows replacement is working, you may remove C:\Win7 folder unless you need it to recover data.


Observe these tips for effective replacement windows exercise.

  1. Back up your files to external hard disk, network folder, CD or DVD.
  2. Ensure that you have internet connection so as to get latest windows replacement updates.
  3. Check the compatibility of your hardware with the Windows operating system you want to use for replacement.

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By Ngari Njoroge, published at 03/07/2012
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