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What Are the Best Baby Skin Products For Newborns?


Once you bring home your new bundle of job from the hospital, you may realize how sensitive babies skin actually is. Many new born suffer with dry skin or oil skin, the same as adult would. There are many baby items available to use on your baby skin but you need to always choose the best thing that is available for your babies fresh new skin. After all, you do not want to make the skin problem worse than it already is.

Items you can purchase

One of the top skin care items that is available and works great for new borns is called Aquaphor. This works on the babies skin and is excellent for dry skin. Another thing it can also be used for is if your baby develops cradle cap. This is a condition where the scalp gets scaly and dries out. This is very similar to adult dandruff issues, which is caused by the same thing. Aquaphor cost around $7.99 for a small container, however larger ones are available and often may be cheaper to buy in bulk. Johnson and Johnsons also offer many excellent baby products from shampoo, to baby wash to lotions. One of the best lotions on the market is called The Deep Hydration for extra dry skin. This is a top choice of mothers everywhere as it is a trusted name that has been around for many generations and probably will be around for a long time. These typically sell for about $3.99 a bottle.

All-natural baby skin care

With more people realized how many unnecessary ingredients are in products nowadays more parents are going with all natural baby skin care products. In this situation there are many productions available to buy (if you choose to not make your own). Burt's Bee's is an excellent and trusted name in organic and natural products. Some people think these are 100% all natural, however always check the label on these as typically burts bee's is around 99.4% natural. This is about as close as you can get without making your own product for your beautiful bundle of joy. Burt's bee's start out at about $4.99 a bottle. Yes to baby carrots is a 100% all natural lotion that is excellent for a post-bath rub down of lotion on your babies soft body. This lotion promises you 100% all natural ingredients. All these are listed on the label and are indeed 100% all natural ingredients. This company also has excellent adult lotions and items which is great for the mommy to pamper herself with as well. All of their items are free of all types of petrolatum and SLS Paraben-free. They also promise to be cruelty-free by doing non-animal testing which is excellent. These typically start out at about $7.99 a bottle depending.

Tips and comments

If you decide that you want to go all natural yet purchasing the lotion is too costly, you can always make your own items. For excellent recipes Google "baby lotion recipe" and you should be able to find thousands of recipes that are right for you and your family to us on your new born baby. When looking for all natural items always take a look at all ingredients on the products.

By Jessica ., published at 03/12/2012
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